Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ah yes...the novel....

So, you ask...WHAT ABOUT THE NOVEL? I can happily report I am half way through and it is not humanly possible to write a novel in a week. However I have written 29,572 words in that time which I think is a pretty concentrated effort and all without CNZ funding. So there you go, surprising what bloody mindedness will do. I am in a mood to finish and yes I have a sugar daddy- my husband. I owe this and all my previous novels to him, because without whose acknowledgement, belief and support I would think it a pretty pointless pursuit.

All that remains now is for me to finish the first draft (ETA mid September- I have a book to finish illustrating in between time) and to interest a publisher. My last three novels have all found homes with one, so maybe there is hope for this one too, and if not, well, it's all a game isn't it? No point in slashing yer wrists about it. But drinking large amounts of that's another matter.

I am giving a literary talk this weekend in the BOP, weather permitting (runway not washed out) and I found in my diaries whilst looking for things to include in my data show a comment about contracts. This by the way has little to do with publishing although some might interpret it that way. I have as a freelancer, been asked to sign all manner of them and I find very few find in anyone's favour except the contractors. ITS ALL A GAME... (she said as a mantra)


Melinda said...

Just saw your comment on my blog about critique groups. My suspicions on the value of such groups deepen by the day. Sometimes it is the too many cooks spoiling the broth concern. Other times it is all about taste and no one can cater to everyone's taste. Critique meetings tend to make my brain hurt and strengthen my determination not to change a thing. And then there's having to comment on other people's work...

ps have a good weekend

Melinda said...

...and i forgot to say thank you for the great suggestion. The value of critique groups would make a very good topic for an article


Vanda Symon said...

I can't believe you got that many words written - go Fifi!

Anonymous said...

Astounding isn't it? I didn't say they were good ones though!
cheers Fifi